Kids have Favorite Time

When the atmosphere of the family becomes unsound, it is better create quality time to each of our kid. Our children crave for attention. The reason that we need to give them our undivided attention is for them to feel secure. Whatever happens, we should see to it that we are always there for them.

As parents, we can ease our kids’ fears, worries and hurts. When we give them our full attention, they feel safe to open up and share with us their worst fears and pains.

As parents we should show our selfless love to our children especially when they are still very young. They demand more of our time, energy and patience. But we also need to set boundaries. We need to learn how to say no when things get out of hand. We might feel drained. Failing to resolve the unmet needs of our kids might lead to resentment.

We need to be spontaneous in building bonds with our kids. Once our kids feel that we neglect them, it is difficult to repair the emotional gap that we created. When we give our kids our undivided attention, we should focus our minds to them not elsewhere. Kids are very sensitive. They can easily sense our uneasiness.

It’s also a lot easier to spend quality time with our kids when we are all doing together something we enjoy.

As a single mom, I see to it that I can spend quality time with my kids despite my tight schedule. Raising kids alone is not an easy task.

During my vacant time, I see to it that we can really bond. Our quality time usually involves internet surfing and playing online games, biking, dancing and going to gymnasium together. Sometimes, we watch cartoon shows together. Even if I do not like to watch these types of shows, but for the sake of my kids, I learn to enjoy the show because they love it.

Not all the times we give to our kids are quality times. But no matter how little the time we spend with our kids, the bottom line is the quality and not the quantity.