Bonding With Children

When you have your own chores to do, keep them busy when they are around. Ask them to color pictures in drawing books; give them clay so that they enjoy making stuffs. But to have this upper hand, you initially need to invest your time in teaching them how to do them. Once they get it, they will be engaged and do them on their own and you are free to do your own stuff.

Of course, by age six or seven, it will be high time for them to attend school. So they will need some help with homework. Let them work on their own first based on what they have learnt in school. Then you can correct their concepts if they make a mistake or two.

They also need to have fun outside of home in mother-nature environment. It can be a park to play on swings, see-saws and merry-go-rounds or a nearby pond to feed the ducks. During summer/winter holidays, it is up to you to decide ahead of time with your spouse how you are going to spend these vacations in an exciting way for the benefit of the children especially, within a budget that suits you well. I would say vacationing to a beach in summer or visiting Disneyland would be great for children. If that isn’t possible, just enjoy your time in another friend’s place some distance away and let your children spend some creative time. That family can then come to your place the following summer or winter.

Children grow up fast. So while they are still children, give them the best lessons and teach those in a way that is easy and convenient for them to grasp. You need to bring up children who can make good choices in life. Of course, they will make mistakes and they will learn from them. However, you do have a responsibility to help them face life by age eighteen so that they are well equipped physically and mentally.

When they grow up and you hand over them away in marriage, you will feel like losing some gem pieces of your life but that is life and you will be fine as time will show. However, you will be united occasionally in family get-together parties. You will have grand children and you will have much to celebrate.

My advice to young parents would be: treat your child well, teach them good moral values and discipline and give them a good education and at the same time, also prepare them to face adversities of life boldly and confidently. And they will be fine. On the other hand, you will be happy because you know you have done your very best.